Does Sound-Absorbing Paint Reduce Echo in a Room?

Most of us crave a good sleep after a chaotic day at work. Unfortunately, the hustle within or outside the house doesn’t let us have it. If you are looking for a robust solution to this issue, soundproof paints could be your answer. It is a proven method to absorb noises. However, you should gather … Read more

5 Natural Sound Absorbing Materials That Can Be Used To Reduce Echo

Natural materials have become a valid option for treating unnecessary echoes. Researchers have found that natural materials, like wool or plants, can turn into sustainable sound absorbers. They are as potent as traditional absorbers made of plastic and mineral combinations. It leads us to our question: Do natural sound absorbers work? Sound absorption materials are … Read more

What Causes Reverb in a Room?

Reverb and decay are the two terms used to describe a gradual reduction in sound. The unit used to measure it is RT 60. This is the time it takes for an impulse sound to decrease by 60 decibels. Most of the sounds emitted in a room don’t hit our ears directly. Instead, they oscillate … Read more

Will Leaving a Door Open Reduce the Echo in My Room?

A booming echo in a room may be fun for kids. But it gradually turns into a nuisance for the older lot. The sound waves keep returning to their source. The rogue waves reverberate, making the room louder. It is pretty challenging to conduct an ordinary conversation in such spaces. What produces an echo? Echo … Read more

Soundproofing Floors in Flats (7 Cost-Effective Methods)

Floors are the most common source of noise pollution at a place. People walking overhead, stuff falling, music, television, and conversations are some familiar noise sources that penetrate a floor. That unwanted noise could be a significant distraction, particularly when you are getting some work done, trying to relax, or spending quality time with family. … Read more

Beginners Guide to Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) Under the Carpet

Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) entered the soundproofing domain in the 1960s. To this day, it ranks atop the list when we examine our options for soundproofing floors and walls. The reason behind its increasing popularity is its pocket-friendliness and easy installation. What is Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) Used For? MLV is the mixture of two … Read more

Does Soundproofing Wallpaper Really Work?

Besides adorning your dull walls, wallpaper can serve a more meaningful purpose. A special kind of wallpaper can dampen the noise from coming in and going out of the room. The hyper-pollutive environment of this day requires inventive solutions. Hence, soundproof wallpaper is your way to maintain privacy and peace of mind amidst this pressure. … Read more